When determining the concept for LVST, our vision was to provide our youth sports teams an experience that was better than what is being offered in the area. We know there is much more to a training experience than the grass/turf you run on. So we wanted to provide teams with the high quality turf experience, with high quality equipment to use, and even a high quality training plan to execute! And all of this at no additional cost to the coach or the team!

In addition to the high quality and brand new turf and our 28ft ceilings, LVST provides teams with state of the art training equipment that typically fall outside many youth team budgets or that are simply too much stuff for a coach to carry to a training session. Stop in to check out all the equipment we have for your use at no additional cost!

Struggling to come up with effective training sessions or want to effectively utilize all the equipment we have available? Our team is here to help! We will gladly work with you to formulate a training plan that will be fun, efficient and effective!

Looking for a trainer for your team? Our team has connections to some of the best sports trainers in the Valley!


If you are interested in Turf Rentals please see the calendar below for available time slots. Please email us with the dates and times you would like to reserve and we will follow up with reserving those dates and times for you. 

Thank you! 


PEAK MONTHS NOV- MARCH (these months book fast)
  • Main Training Turf (5k sqft) 

- Team Rates $120/hr, 10+ hrs rate drops to $110/hr​​ (peak)

- Team Rates $60/hr, 10+ hrs rate drops to $55/hr​​ (off peak)

Individual use Rates: $60/hr 10+hrs rate drops to $50/hr (peak)

Individual use Rates: $30/hr 10+hrs rate drops to $25/hr (off peak)

  • Side Turf Play Area (2k sqft)

-$40/hr, 10+ hrs Rates drops to $30/hr​​ (peak)

-$20/hr, 10+ hrs Rates drops to $15/hr​​ (off peak)

*Side turf play area can be used for play area for siblings of kids training to play in or play items can be removed for an open training area for additional training space

**Please email our Sports Director Eliza Sykes at or to reserve or inquire about a turf rental. Thank you.**


When you rent the TURF space at LVST you have access to all of our sports in house equipment. Some pictures might show 1 of something but we have a larger quantity of them in house. 

*Please contact us for Corporate Team Building rates where we provide the team building activies w/ one of our LVST team members.*