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If you are a parent, you may already know about many of the benefits of soccer for your toddler, but if not, it is time to learn about how toddler sports have been shown to increase physical coordination, mental acuity and social skills.

At LVST, our goal is building strong character. We created a soccer program that focuses on developing basic physical skills as well as social skills so that participants learn to compete in a fun way and get plenty of healthy exercise.

Upcoming SESSIONs 

**Winter 2 2024 Session-REGISTRATION NOW OPEN*

**Spring 2024 Session-REGISTRATION OPENS 2/26**

Program Details

WINTER 2 SUNDAYS 1/28/2024-3/3/2024

SPRING SUNDAYS 4/7/2024-5/12/2024

Age: 3 year olds | 9:00am - 9:45am

Age: 4 year olds | 10:00am - 10:45am

Cost: $160 (6 sessions)

Includes: LVST T-Shirt + special end of program gift from LVST! 

For any questions please email our Sports Director Alexa Sylvainus at or ​thank you!



Refunds: Refunds will only be granted to participants that wish to not participate prior to the programs start date, not during the program. 

State Shut Down Cancellations: If LVST has to shut down the program due to a STATE SHUTDOWN MANDATE, LVST will postpone the program until the shutdown is lifted. 

Weather Cancellations:  If LVST cannot hold a scheduled session due to unforeseen weather conditions and/or acts of GOD, LVST will try everything in its power to reschedule the missed session/s. Refunds will not be issued due to these circumstances.

Illness Cancellations: If your child misses a session due to illness, schedule conflict, etc. your child will not be able to make up the session. LVST is not liable for "making up" or refunding a session that is missed.

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