Sports vision training is the process of improving the visual abilities of an athlete that are most necessary for excellence in their sport.  Some of these abilities include (but are not limited to) eye-hand/eye-foot coordination, depth perception, object tracking, focusing, visual reaction time, and peripheral vision. 


At LVST, whatever the sport, we have a defined process for the athlete to gain the visual edge needed to perform more consistently and at a higher level.

This type of training is typically only conducted at the Pro and Collegiate level. For the first time ever in the Lehigh Valley, we are bringing these technologies and techniques to youth athletes! 

Check out below video for examples of professionals using the technology we are bringing to the youth athletes in the Lehigh Valley! (Note: GameDay Vision from below video is now a service fully owned and operated by LVST)

At this time, Sports Vision Training is incorporated into our "Return to Soccer" camp only! 

Check back soon for more opportunities to participate in our unique Sports Vision Training Program!

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