As COVID-19 continues to alter the landscape of school, sports and childcare we are excited to be able to offer our community this Flex School option. This program was designed for supplemental learning paired with sports to keep both kids minds and bodies active all while in a SMALL GROUP environment. 


Our program is designed to supervise your student while they are being taught by their school districts online curriculum. Our staff will help answer academic questions while also monitoring students for technical difficulties and teach basic computer skills to effectively access the online environment!   


Session #1 (10 weeks) 

August 31st 2020 - November 6th 2020

Session #2 (10 weeks) 

November 9th 2020 - Jan 22nd 2021

Session #3 (10 weeks) 

Jan. 25th 2020 - April 2nd 2021

Session #4 (10 weeks)

April 5th 2020 - June 11th 2021

We are located at Lehigh Valley Sports Turf

7035 Schantz  Rd Suite #200

Allentown, PA 18106


Program Break Down 

There will be a MAXIMUM sign up of 20 students for this program!

Children will be split into groups of peers their grade.

Our facility is 10,000 square feet. Children will have more than enough room to spread out! 

Help with Online School Curriculum


 Active Play 

Arts and Crafts


LVST Virtual Learning Program will begin at 8:30am and ends at 3pm M-F. We will be there from 8am-3:30pm (for set up and clean up if need be for early drop off or late pick up at no additional charge.

LVST's Lead Teacher that will be monitoring this program

has an education degree and is certified to teach K-5th grade. 

LVST staff members are CPR certified and have all state clearances.

Our facility follows all state regulations and requirements.


(2 days a week | 8:30am-3pm)

$140/per week

(3 days a week | 8:30am-3pm)

$180/per week


*All participants must fill out a wavier, enrollment form  and health report to participate*


Wavier Form

Enrollment Form

Child Health Report



(2 days a week | 8:30am-3pm)

$500/per month

(3 days a week | 8:30am-3pm)

$650/per month


*All participants must fill out a wavier, enrollment form  and health report to participate*


Wavier Form

Enrollment Form

Child Health Report

Per Session (10weeks)

(2 days a week | 8:30am-3pm)

$1300/per session

(3 days a week | 8:30am-3pm)

$1500/per session

*Sibling discounts available*

*All participants must fill out a wavier, enrollment form  and health report to participate*


Wavier Form

Enrollment Form

Child Health Report


Mr. Ryan

 Hello everyone. My name is Ryan Brazuk and I will be assistant teaching with Miss. Amanda for the Virtual Learning program. I graduated from Rosemont College with my BS in Business with early childhood education class experience. I’ve played soccer for 25 years and have 10 years of coaching experience ranging from ages 3 all the way up to college athletes.  I also run the toddler soccer program here at LVST.


I am looking forward to providing a positive and fun learning environment here at LVST!

- Mr. Ryan

Miss. Amanda

Hello Everyone! My name is Amanda and I will be the lead teacher for the Virtual Learning program! I graduated from College of Saint Elizabeth with a B.A. in Early Childhood Education and Psychology! I  played soccer from Kindergarten through High School and I love to do puzzles and knit in my free time. 

I can't wait to meet all the new little faces at LVST! 

- Miss. Amanda


Parent Resources 

What to Bring: Items should be labeled with children's first and last name.


  • Water bottle + Lunch + Snacks (LVST will have snacks and drinks available for purchase. Parents can load a gift card for their child if they wish). 

  • Headphones + Device (laptop/tablet)

  • Yoga mat - we have extra if your child doesn't have one. 

  • Pencil box, crayons, pencils, glue sticks, safety scissors. 

  • Children in grade K should bring an extra pair of clothes.

  • Hand sanitizer, face mask or shield to have on hand.  *We will only be instructing children to wash their hands with soap and water. We will not be making them use hand sanitizer but if they bring they can use it.


 Since this is a small group environment kids aren't required to wear face mask during their time at our facility, however they will be required to to wear them when entering the facility and partake in a quick health check assessment before entering.  

Children should come already fed breakfast. Children should wear athletic clothing and sneakers. Please make sure all items are labeled with your child’s name. Thank you!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be refunded if the state decides to go on lock down again?

A: Yes, if the Governor decides to put a lock down on the state  of PA again, customers will receive a prorated refund from the date of service  to the date of shut down.


Q: What is your sickness policy?

A: Children are not permitted to attend LVST if they are exhibiting signs of illness.  These symptoms include (but are not limited to) the following: 

·      Had a fever within the past 24 hours - All children will receive a contactless temperature check prior to entry. If they have a fever they will not be permitted to attend until their fever has subsided for 24 hours. 

·      Have vomited or had severe diarrhea within the past 24 hours

·      Nose has a thick, greenish discharge

·      Violent cough

*If a child vomits at any time while at LVST, he/she will be sent home for the remainder of the day.

Q: May I schedule a tour of the facility?

A: Absolutely! For security purposes tours are not given while the children are present in private programs at the facility.  A tour may be scheduled during the week before  8:30am or after 3pm.

Q. Will the doors  be locked during my child's time  participating in this program?

A. Yes the facility remains locked when we have any program for children where parents are not present. We are closed to the public during those hours. 

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